I, the above Client (hereafter referred to as "Client"), agree to pay ADA Transcription for any and all transcription work or service performed by ADA Transcription on my or my company's behalf on audio material submitted by Client.

General length of audio of this particular contract is specified above. Client understands that actual length of audio is determined during transcription, UNLESS it is specified by Client that only certain times are to be transcribed, which must be specified in the "other notes" section above.

Both Client and ADA Transcription understand that any future transcription done for Client by ADA Transcription is not subject to these same regulations. Pricing is based on a combination of number of speakers, quality of audio, source and turn around time. This rate is only agreed upon for this specific contact.

Client understands that if the audio quality for this contract appears to be different than originally represented, (e.g. a significantly large number of "inaudible" or questionable words, or heavier background noise), ADA Transcription will contact the Client and discuss this discrepancy and a possible increased rate, and/or possible acceptance of more "inaudible" and questionable words. If parties are unable to agree on appropriate rate, ADA Transcription may decline to work on the project, and in such case, all of Client's materials will be returned. Client will pay for any work that was already performed at initial agreed upon rate. Client has the right to request a 5-minute sample at time of discrepancy, before agreeing on new rate. ADA will not charge Client for the 5-minute sample. Deadline is pushed back if ADA is waiting on Client for response during this time.

Client acknowledges that ADA charges per minute, not per page, characters or work hours. Any seconds in a file that do not make up a minute IF OVER 15 seconds, will be charged as a minute, under 15 seconds, they will be dropped from the bill. Payment is due at delivery of transcription to Client. ADA Transcription accepts checks, cash, money orders, or PayPal. Client agrees to pay any shipping cost for return of materials.

ADA Transcription agrees to confidentiality for the Client. ADA Transcription will not use in any way, for it's own account, or the account of any third party, nor disclose to any third party anything revealed to ADA Transcription by Client directly, or through audio heard during transcription. No information provided by way of audio during transcription will be stored on computers, all transcribed work and sound files will be DELETED TWO WEEKS AFTER COMPLETION OF WORK.